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Telecom Networks Outsourcing is a multilingual contact center, dedicated to high-quality outsourcing services. We serve corporations, middle-sized and small companies that operate in the most diverse sectors providing them with a wide range of services such as customer service, 24/7 answering services, telemarketing, data entry, lead generation, help desk, live web chat and medical billing.

What we do


Customer Service

Answering Service 24/7

Help Desk 24/7

Tech Support Levels 1 and 2


Phone sales
Lead Generation and Verification

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Data Entry
Data Conversion
Web Optimization
Web Research Information

Healthcare Support Services

Medical Billing
Order Management
Medical Records Management
Referral Support
Consent Review

Our Numbers

answered calls for Fortune 1000 companies
+ 23 M
calls / tasks for healthcare industry
+ 0 M
+ 0 M

6 advantages of hiring us as your outsourcing team

Our locations

From our bases in different corners of the world, our talented team is our greatest treasure. We take pride in sharing experiences and moving forward toghether, no matter the distance. With clear goals and a focus on shared growth, we are ready to reach new horizons with you.

Imagine having a team of qualified and experienced professionals at your disposal, without the burdens of hiring, training, office space costs, and more.

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